A Smooth Introduction to SYCL for C++20 Afficionados 

Joel Falcou - C++ on Sea 2023 From HPC to mobile development, the prevalence of accelerators and other performance-driven architectures is a fact you can't argue with anymore. What if you want to tap into those source of performances but you don't really want to sacrifice the elegance of your C++20 ? What if you may want to explore some of those architectures now but change your mind later without dropping all the code you already wrote ? 

That's where SYCL comes down. SYCL is an open standard aiming at providing a cross-platform programming model, tools and compilers to target accelerators at large. Made to be interoperable with C++, it is simplify the design, debugging and deployment of applications over a large selection of accelerators: multi-cores, GPGPU or even FPGA. 

In this talk, we will give a short tour of SYCL saillant point, how to get started with it, how it can smoothly be integrated in your C++ code without major changes in your programming habit and we will conclude with some result of such an integration in a High ENergy Physic applications. ---