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We all start somewhere. This page contains a collection of guides, tutorials and videos to watch that will get you started with the basics of SYCL.

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Read the Book

Start by reading the programming book for SYCL developers. This is offered as a free download and will teach you what you need to know to get started developing with SYCL.

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SYCL Academy

This open source project contains lessons, video tutorials and hands-on exercises to give a broad introduction to SYCL. These materials can also be used for teaching SYCL.

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Parallel Programming Essentials

Learn the essentials of working with SYCL in the cloud by using the DevCloud environment and completing a collection of helpful and well written training modules.

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Blogs & Tutorials

  • Efficient GPU Programming with Modern C++

    Jeff Hammond has written a introductory step by step blog post on how to implement SYCL code using DPC++.

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  • Learn How to Use New SYCL Features

    Find out more about how to use the new features of SYCL 2020 in this blog post by Tom Deakin from the University of Bristol.

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  • Learn How to Debug SYCL Applications

    This article explains how to debug your SYCL application using various techniques and standard tools.

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  • Optimize Your SYCL Application by Profiling

    To understand how to improve the performance of your SYCL application profiling is a key activity, this post explains how to do this with ComputeCpp.

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  • Implement a 2D Heat Equation Using SYCL

    This technical post explains how to implement a 2D heat equation using SYCL code.

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  • Implement Sobel Convolution Using SYCL

    In this post the author explains how to implement a sobel convolution using SYCL, and then run it on the DevCloud

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  • Implement Ray Tracing in SYCL

    This two part blog explains how the author took the code from ray tracing in a weekend, identified what parts would benefit from parallalization and then converted these parts to SYCL

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  • Efficient GPU Programming with Modern C++

    Get an introduction to parallel programming and how to develop with SYCL in this video from CppCon

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  • SYCL Performance and Portability

    This video introduces what SYCL is, and the frameworks, libraries and useful projects that are available to you.

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  • SYCL Programmers Toolbox

    This fast paced video explains useful tips and tricks that will come in handy during SYCL application development.

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  • Lessons Learned Developing Frameworks with SYCL

    This video is a lessons learned presentation, helping you to make the right decisions when writing your SYCL code.

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  • Debugging SYCL Applications on IntelĀ®

    Find out how to debug your SYCL application by watching this video.

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    Migrating CUDA Stencil code to SYCL

    This presentation explains how the ZIB Institute migrated their tsunami simulation code from CUDA to SYCL.

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