SYCL Academy offers a fantastic set of open source materials and can be used to learn and teach SYCL™ development.

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Join a set of experts for a week long series of online presentations on a variety of topics to help you with your SYCL code.

Industry Quotes

"The SYCL 2020 Provisional Specification marks a significant milestone helping improve time-to-performance in programming heterogeneous computing..." - Jeff McVeigh, Intel.


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  • portDNN

    A neural network operations library written using SYCL.

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  • portBLAS

    portBLAS implements BLAS - Basic Linear Algebra Subroutines using SYCL.

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  • SYCL Samples

    A collection of SYCL samples designed to help developers get started with the SYCL standard.

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  • SYCL Parallel STL

    This project features an implementation of the Parallel STL library using the Khronos SYCL standard.

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  • OpenGL Mathematics (GLM)

    OpenGL Mathematics (GLM) is a header only C++ mathematics library for graphics software based on the OpenGL Shading Language (GLSL) specifications.

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  • AdaptiveCpp (formerly hipSYCL)

    Implementation of SYCL and C++ standard parallelism for CPUs and GPUs from all vendors: The independent, community-driven compiler for C++-based heterogeneous programming models. Lets applications adapt themselves to all the...

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  • A portable GPU path Tracer library running powered by SYCL

    This is a GPU path tracer library running on top of SYCL. It aims to be simple, fast, portable, capable of rendering without a GPU, and have minimal dependencies.

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  • RSBench

    RSBench is a mini-app representing a key computational kernel of the Monte Carlo neutron transport algorithm.

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  • ComputeCpp™

    ComputeCpp is SYCL v1.2.1 conformant. It is Codeplay Software's implementation of the standard and is available to download today.

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  • DPC++ and oneAPI

    Data Parallel C++ (DPC++) is an evolution of C++ that incorporates SYCL. The SYCL Compiler compiles C++-based SYCL source files with code for both CPU and a wide range of compute accelerators.

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  • hipSYCL

    The goal of the hipSYCL project is to develop a SYCL 1.2.1 implementation that builds upon NVIDIA CUDA/AMD HIP.

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  • triSYCL

    triSYCL is an open-source implementation test-bed to experiment with the specification of the OpenCL SYCL 2.2 C++ layer and to give feedback to the Khronos group.

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