James Reinders is an engineer at Intel, with extensive parallel computing experience, focused on enabling parallel programming in a heterogeneous world. James is currently focused on the DPC++ project (SYCL for LLVM), and the oneAPI initiative (delivering APIs spanning compute devices of many types from many vendors). James is an author/co-author/editor of ten technical books related to parallel programming; his latest book is about SYCL (free download: https://www.apress.com/book/978148425...). He has had the great fortune to help make key contributions to two of the world's fastest computers (#1 on Top500 list) as well as many other supercomputers, and software developer tools. In this session James Reinders - one API engineering evangelist at Intel shares his experience on "one API and SYCL". It's a 20 mins recorded session which is in a conversation format with our host.