SYCL is the heart of oneAPI, enabling cross-platform data parallel programming in modern C++. SYCL is a Khronos standard with broad participation across research institutions and companies. Intel contributes to the development of SYCL by participating in the SYCL standard committee and contributing SYCL support to the LLVM project. The SYCL support, combined with LLVM’s SPIR-V, PTX, and CPU backends enable targeting SYCL programs to a wide variety of CPUs and accelerators. SYCL is augmented with the oneAPI DPC++ Library (oneDPL), which provides STL-like capabilities for programming accelerators. When you need high performance math, the oneAPI Math Kernel Library (oneMKL) includes BLAS, LAPACK, FFTs, and random number generation. There are many good math libraries out there already, and open source oneMKL provides a common SYCL-based interface that lets you integrate low-level proprietary and open-source libraries.