Wind River®, a global leader in delivering software to the intelligent edge, today announced the latest release of its industry-leading real-time operating system (RTOS) VxWorks®, which has been enabling the security, safety, and deterministic performance of embedded applications for more than 30 years. Over these three-plus decades, VxWorks has continually evolved to meet the changing needs of software developers. The latest release redefines embedded software development with new capabilities and industry firsts to drive greater business value, innovation, and productivity.

“This release of VxWorks will enable developers of next generation ADAS systems to integrate the most advanced vision and machine learning solutions using OpenCL and SYCL, the Khronos open standards programming frameworks.” said Charles Macfarlane, vice president of marketing, Codeplay Software. “Wind River has already achieved great results using our ComputeAorta and ComputeCpp products and together we continue to build an excellent ecosystem for automotive application development.”