Start Date
17 April 2023 at 9:00 am
End Date
17 April 2023 at 18:00 pm

This event will follow on from the SYCL practitioners hackathon hosted in Durham In November 2022. We are hosting in Cambridge so that it is convenient for those attending IWOCL/SYCLcon 2023 which takes place over the following three days.

This will be a one-day hands-on hackathon. Given the limited time, we will focus on working with an open source benchmarks project that will help both learning for attendees and also benefit the overall SYCL community. Teams will work on adding to and enhancing the project. There will be also be the opportunity to chat with SYCL experts and other members of the community to discuss code, issues, SYCL features and general queries.

Participants are not required to bring along their own SYCL code but some basic familiarity with SYCL will be assumed (e.g. at the level of the material covered in the Intel Essentials of SYCL modules or the material covered in the Codeplay SYCL Academy). Furthermore, participants will be expected to live-code throughout the hackathon and will therefore need to bring along a laptop with which they can access the remote system and program on.

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