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Location: San Diego, California, USA Dates: Februrary 2020 22-26 Website:

The oneAPI Data Parallel C++ compiler (DPC++ compiler) is a part of Intel’s oneAPI effort to bring C++ and open standards based programming capabilities to expressing complex algorithms for the CPU and accelerators on a system. The DPC++ compiler provides powerful features from the Khronos* SYCL programming interface with a set of extensions to provide developers with the full power of the C++ language and extensions for SYCL to enable programming heterogeneous systems. These new features allow developers to more easily coordinate the use of accelerators such as discrete GPUs and FPGAs for their parallel C++ applications.

This tutorial will briefly cover the basics of the SYCL and the DPC++ language extensions before presenting deeper coverage of using the language features for heterogeneous programming. Attendees can take part in hands-on exercises to create a small example and evolve it from a host-only shared-memory implementation to a heterogeneous implementation that runs on both the host and an accelerator.