Start Date
13 September 2019 at 1:00 am
End Date
15 September 2019 at 1:00 am



Location: Boston, MA, U.S.A Dates: 13th May 2019 - 15th May 2019 Website: iwocl.org

Join us at the 7th International Workshop on OpenCL for three days of talks and workshops aimed at furthering the collaboration and knowledge sharing amongst the international community of high-performance computing specialist working with OpenCL, SYCL, SPIR and Vulkan Compute.

The event provides a rich mix of hands-on tutorials, technical presentations, research papers, posters sessions, peer networking and vendor discussions and also provides a formal channel for community feedback to the Khronos Group, the industry body responsible for the standards.

Sessions of Note at IWOCL 2019

The Landscape of C++ Heterogeneous Computing and Safety Critical API

Michael Wong (Codeplay Software)

Accelerated Neural Networks on OpenCL Devices Using SYCL-DNN

John Lawson (Codeplay Software)

How to Deploy AI Software to Self Driving Cars

Gordon Brown (Codeplay Software)

Parsing CUDA for Transformation to SYCL in an IDE

Tobias Stauber and Peter Sommerlad (IFS Institute for Software at FHO-HSR Rapperswil)